Hello and welcome to the official website of The Man of Steam! Inc. The Man of Steam! Inc. has been serving South Florida from Coral Springs to West Palm Beach since 1982! The owner and operator, Patrick Robinson has been in the Carpet business since 1977, when he first worked for Kemper, dying carpets all around the country. Patrick got his start in Steam Cleaning carpets in 1978 working for Steamatic. In 1982 The Man of Steam was born! It was soon after the company started that on Patrick's 29th birthday, the first Man of Steam work truck was stolen, and the business almost died before it started. However, Patrick did not give up. He got a new work truck, had it painted by a friend with bubbles, stars and The Man of Steam on it, and ever since The Man of Steam has been a South Florida icon. Since the businesses humble beginning, our company has been known for it's quality service, personal experience with the customer, fair prices, and vibrantly colored vehicles!


"In this business you have got to take care of people's things the way you would want people to take care of your mother's or grandmother's things, and that is the way I work"

-Patrick Robinson